Business Law in New Jersey

Business Law

Legal Protection for Every Business Transaction

Owners, operators, and entrepreneurs know—in business, there is no sure thing. Partners disagree. Deals fail. Superstorms happen. You cannot see every challenge coming your way. However, you can approach your business with a strong legal foundation.

Our attorneys possess a complete, multi-industry view of the New Jersey markets and the unique legal challenges they pose. We have guided clients through some of the most important business issues, including but not limited to:

Business Formation

  • What type of business entity should your venture be?
  • What, when and where must you file?
  • How should profits, losses, voting rights, and liability be shared?
  • Should you form a new entity for a major new initiative?

Commercial Transactions

  • How can you manage your margins in this deal?
  • Where might this transaction leave your business vulnerable?
  • How can a deal be structured to achieve both short and long-term goals?
  • What security can be built into your bottom line?


  • How can you prepare for a capital raise?
  • What is the best way to structure payment?
  • How do you protect against voter dilution?
  • Is private equity worth considering?

Employee Issues

  • Is your Employee Handbook compliant with the latest regulations?
  • How can you address a new employment law regulation?
  • What ways can you structure compensation for your employees?
  • How can you protect against a Human Resources nightmare?

Succession Planning

  • How can the business provide for your family after you’re gone?
  • When is the right time to sell your interest?
  • What are the common planning pitfalls in your industry?
  • When should you begin planning?

You need a trusted advocate that has your best interest, no matter the business situation you are in. Whether you are a multi-generation Shore area business or are just starting out, your business dealings coupled with our counsel can protect your hard work and help you keep “the main thing” the main thing.

Stein, Supsie & Tedeschi works with business owners and entrepreneurs in the Monmouth and Ocean County markets. Reach out today to discuss your next business law question.